South East Scotland Breast Screening Centre Becomes The First Fully Digital Service in Scotland

South East Scotland Breast Screening Centre (SESBSC) is the first screening centre in Scotland to provide a fully digital mammography service.

The new digital technology, is part of a national initiative, meaning that there are less instances of recalling women for repeat imaging as staff can see the images and assess them technically when they are taken.

The SESBSC at Ardmillan House, Edinburgh was opened in 1988 by Sir Patrick Forrest who instigated the British Breast Screening Programme. The programme is funded by National Services Division (NSD).

SESBSC serves 187,000 women in the Lothians, Borders, Fife and Forth Valley over a three-year screening round and all women who attend for their screening appointments will benefit.

To celebrate staff held a tea party on Friday 24 January to coincide with the centre’s 25th anniversary. The tea party offered a great opportunity to reminisce with colleagues old and new on the changes that have helped breast screening become so successful.

Professor David Cameron, Director of Cancer Services, NHS Lothian, said: ”We are very proud of the South East Breast Screening Centre’s important 25-year history and the innovative role it has played, and continues to play, in mammography throughout Edinburgh, the central belt and Scotland.

“By the centre being fully digital, this will enable us to be at the technological forefront in mammography in Scotland, helping to treat breast cancer at the earliest possible stages.

“Today is a true celebration of all the hard work and dedication of our staff in their efforts to detect and treat breast cancer as efficiently and effectively as we can.”

Dr Jean Murray, a Breast Radiologist and Clinician at Ardmillan House, said: “From small, simple, ‘pioneering’ beginnings in a portakabin twenty five years ago, we have met many challenges as part of an expanding and increasingly successful Breast Screening Programme. We are proud of our part in the early detection of breast cancer, and look forward to even more success as Edinburgh once again leads the way into a digital screening future for Scotland”.

The Service, which has over 70 staff members with differing roles and expertise, provides a welcoming atmosphere for women attending for breast screening.

The new digital technology is part of a national initiative, with a target to be digital by 2015.