Lothian Families Make Weaning DVD Thanks to £10,000 Funding

An educational weaning DVD created by NHS Lothian and 25 Lothian families for fellow parents and healthcare professionals was unveiled in Musselburgh today.

The DVD, which was unveiled at Brunton Hall in Musselburgh earlier this afternoon,  is intended to give weaning guidance and information to parents, families and friends in an accessible, clear and consistent format, and at the same time help reduce confusion.

The short DVD contains evidence based information on introducing solid foods to babies that compliments the current Health Scotland literature ‘Fun First Foods’ and ‘Ready Steady Baby’.

The project received £10,000 funding from the Champions Development Fund as part of Support from the Start, an initiative led by East Lothian Council, NHS Lothian and the voluntary sector, and was filmed in various Lothian settings such as homes, community centres and shops.

The DVD will be available free of charge to any local agencies providing parental weaning support and education in East Lothian and Midlothian. Copies will also be available to parents.

NHS Lothian’s Women and Children’s Health commissioner, Sally Egan, said: “We know that nutrition in babies is essential for normal mental and physical development and we consider this DVD as a great community-based, collaborative achievement in promoting this.

“We believe the DVD will play a positive role in communicating these key messages to parents, friends and families who are weaning their babies.

“We hope viewers of the DVD view the participants as positive role models in their local neighbourhoods. We also hope the DVD will boost parental confidence and self esteem and empower them to access local services.”

Sharon Saunders, Head of Children’s Wellbeing, East Lothian Council and chair of the Support from the Start planning board said:

“Through Support from the Start, East Lothian community planning partners have made a commitment to ensuring joined up local service responses to health inequalities in the early years of life - pre-birth to the age of 8.  

“The main aim has been to facilitate and enable mainstream services to deliver support in a different and more effective way by working with communities on what they identify as needs and strengths.

“This DVD is one very positive example of what can be achieved when professionals and community members work closely together to address identified needs.”

During the event, ten mothers from Prestonpans were presented with certificates for their work as voluntary breastfeeding peer supporters.