LEAP Celebrates Sixth Reunion

Friends of LEAP (Lothians and Edinburgh Abstinence Programme) have celebrated the programme’s sixth anniversary.

Staff and former participants gathered together on 21 September in the first major event since the programme moved to its new premises at Woodlands House in Edinburgh earlier this year.

LEAP, the first abstinence programme of its type in Scotland ensures participants receive medical and therapeutic help, backed up by support with accommodation, education, training and employment opportunities.

The community based programme has now treated around 600 people with its three-month intensive programme, which offers an alternative choice and opportunity for addicts and alcoholics who want to achieve a substance-free recovery.

Dr David McCartney, Clinical Lead, LEAP, NHS Lothian, said. “It takes a great deal of commitment from our patients and is hugely rewarding to see them continue to improve the quality of their lives.

“Many are now back in education, training or employment and moving on to the next stage in their recovery journey. It’s a privilege for the team here to be part of that journey.”

Eddy Conroy, Head Therapist, LEAP Programme, said: “When we think of the ‘Friends of LEAP’ charity, the team at LEAP feel proud and touched that people are prepared to give up their time and work very hard for no financial gain, so that they can support our wonderful treatment process here at Woodlands House.”

Friends of LEAP, which started last year, raises funds to provide for identified strategies, events and items to increase the effectiveness of the patient’s journey through treatment.

LEAP recently launched a new ‘Family Programme’ which they hope will enable families to become more involved in the 12 week recovery process.