Homeopathy Consultation Survey Results Published

The survey results of the homeopathy public consultation, which asked whether NHS Lothian should pay for homeopathic services in Lothian, have now been published. The results show that most people who responded to the consultation are against the health board continuing to pay for this service.

The consultation and survey, led by the Midlothian Community Health Partnership, show that 72 per cent of all those who responded are against the service continuing to be funded by NHS Lothian with 27 per cent in favour of the status quo and 1 per cent undecided. The results also show that people who lived in the NHS Lothian health board area responded similarly, with more than 74 per cent against the health board continuing to pay for homeopathy and approximately 25 per cent in favour.

Professor Alex McMahon, Director of Strategic Planning, Performance Reporting and Information, NHS Lothian said:  “An initial report giving the results has been sent to the stakeholder review group and we are meeting with the group next week to discuss the consultation survey results. I would like to thank the stakeholder group, which is made up of clinicians, patient/public representatives, including the public partnership forum, for their contribution and hard work that went into the preparation of the consultation.

“I would like to stress that no final decision has been taken regarding the outcome. The consultation survey results will also be discussed for consideration at future sub-committees of Midlothian Community Health Partnership, East Lothian Community Health Partnership, Edinburgh Community Health Partnership and  West Lothian Community Health and Care Partnership.”

The initial report detailing the consultation process and survey results is available at: http://www.nhslothian.scot.nhs.uk/OurOrganisation/Consultations/Documents/NHSLothianHomeopathyConsultationReport.pdf 

It provides a breakdown of returns both online and paper copies as well as by Lothian residents, non Lothian residents and those who chose not to indicate where they lived.​