Final Lecture in Royal Edinburgh Hospital Bicentenary Series

The final lecture in the successful Royal Edinburgh Hospital bicentenary series takes place tomorrow.

Stephen Lawrie, Professor of psychiatry and neuro-imaging and honorary consultant psychiatrist, University of Edinburgh, will give the lecture entitled ‘The rise and rise of scientific psychiatry in Edinburgh’ on Tuesday 4 June.

Professor Lawrie will describe the development of scientific psychiatry in the city, tracing the scholarly work of both medical and academic staff at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital.

Professor Lawrie said: “Clinical researchers at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital and associated hospitals have a proud tradition of advancing the understanding and management of psychiatric disorders. Despite contested definitions and approaches, the indications are that advances in neuroscience and health services research are set to transform clinical practice in the next ten or twenty years.”

Tim Montgomery, Director of Operations, Royal Edinburgh Hospital and Associated Services (REAS), NHS Lothian, said:  “Professor Lawrie’s lecture is a fitting way to culminate the lecture series as it compliments how the hospital’s clinical practice has been, and continues to be, both pioneering and transformative.

“The series has been extremely well attended since starting last October and we hope that all attendees have found the lectures insightful and memorable.

“We are looking forward to marking the bicentenary with many more special events planned throughout the year.”