Launch of simulation suite to boost medical training

Launch of simulation suite to boost medical training


A life-like mannequin known as the “Sim Man” has been officially unveiled to boost training across NHS Lothian.


The model forms the centrepiece of the new state-of-the-art Simulation Suite in St John’s Hospital, which was launched in a special ceremony.


Dr Morag Bryce, Non-Executive Director of NHS Lothian, and Councillor John McGinty, Leader of West Lothian Council, cut the ribbon on the new facility.


The suite and the Sim Man will give doctors, nurses, anaesthetists and theatre staff the chance to participate in real-life scenarios and perfect their skills without posing a risk to patient safety.


Staff from all over NHS Lothian will have the chance to train in the dedicated suite.


Dr Morag Bryce, Non-Executive Board Director, NHS Lothian said: “I am delighted to open this new facility and I am sure it will play a vital role in the education and training of all medical staff in NHS Lothian.


“It will ensure that staff have the most up to date knowledge, experience, confidence and skill to deal with even the most challenging situations without compromising patient safety.”


Controllers will use the high-tech system to create realistic situations to push individual skills and knowledge.


The mannequin, which breathes, has a pulse, and can mimic all forms of medical deterioration, including heart attack and haemorrhage, will allow trainees or existing staff the chance to learn safely and build in confidence.


Councillor McGinty said: “I am thrilled to officially open this impressive Simulation Suite at St John’s. Staff from all over NHS Lothian will have the chance to train in the dedicated suite and will allow staff to practice skills in a safe environment.”


Junior doctors will learn the skills medical school, but the Sim Man gives them a chance to put the theory into practice.


It will help prevent mistakes being made in clinical practice and allow multi-disciplinary teams to advance together by training and learning together.


Dr Rob Waller, Associate Director for Medical Education, NHS Lothian, said: “This is a great step forward for medical education in NHS Lothian and it means that we will be able to provide real-life training for staff from all over the organisation right here in St John’s Hospital.


“It is a marvellous resource and will make a real difference to patient care and patient safety.


“It has required a lot of planning and hard work over recent months and I am delighted to see it up and running.”