Changes to Lothian Primary Care Lymphoedema Service

The Lothian Primary Care Lymphoedema Service now has 5 outpatient clinics in Lothian allowing patients easier access to services.
Lymphoedema is swelling caused by an absence of lymphatic vessels (primary lymphoedema) or as a result of damage or removal of some lymphatics through surgery or other medical treatments.  It usually occurs in a limb, although can be present in the trunk or head and neck. 
Chronic oedema is swelling (usually in the legs) which is caused by damage to another system.   It is characterised by a feeling of heaviness and tightness in the legs, and often patients report difficulty with footwear or clothing due to the limb being swollen or misshapen.  The skin can become altered in its appearance, and become brown and bumpy and the limb can feel hard to touch. 
Some common causes of chronic oedema are following a DVT (blood clot), venous problems, obesity and cellulitis (skin infection).
Although lymphoedema and chronic oedema are long term conditions, there is a lot that can be done to decrease the symptoms and make the condition more manageable. 
Clinics are based at Slateford Medical Centre, Leith Community Treatment Centre, Roodlands Hospital, Strathbrock Community Partnership and Dalkeith Community Hospital. 
Referrals can be made by any health professional and forms can be accessed via Sci-gateway (Physiotherapy; Slateford: Lymphoedema).  Please send all referrals to Slateford.