The Butterfly Bursary

The Butterfly BursaryButterfly Bursery Logo

In memory of Lindsay Weddell, a vibrant and thoughtful young woman who sadly died from anorexia nervosa, a research and education bursary has been established by NHS Lothian.

The ‘Butterfly Bursary’ has been set up to support the public and those delivering services to learn more about what treatment, care and support helps people suffering from eating disorders.

Grants to support initiatives which will contribute to our knowledge base on eating disorders will be awarded every year and recipients will be invited to feed back on their learning at an annual event.

Lindsay’s family feel that this will be a fitting memorial to a young woman who loved to help and support other people.

How to apply:

To request guidance and an application form please email:
Closing date for applications is 28 February 2013.

The Lilac Butterfly

Lilac ButterflyWritten and dedicated by Euan Weddell
In memory of his beloved sisterLilac Butterfly

She’s a symbol of youth she’s a lilac butterfly,
Brings love through laughter and her smile.
She’s a lilac butterfly.

The lilac butterfly so colourful and arty
Brought life and soul to every party.
She’s a lilac butterfly.

Lost to those too ignorant to see,
Her beautiful spirit lives on in me.
She’s a lilac butterfly.

Flying away so stubborn and bold
Why did this world treat you so cold
She’s a lilac butterfly.

The lilac butterfly she flew away.
I know we’ll see her again one day.
The colours faded, the song’s been sung.
I don’t doubt she’s still having fun.​​​