Final phase of management culture review underway

The review of NHS Lothian’s management cultures has moved into its final phase.

The team of independent experts have started compiling their findings and these are due to reach Nicola Sturgeon Cabinet Secretary for Health and Wellbeing at the end of this month.

For the last two weeks, David J Bowles and Associates (DBA), and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC), have been working with a sample of managers, partnership representatives and staff, in a combination of one-to-one meetings and focus groups.

The activities have been undertaken on an entirely confidential basis and the information gathered has been anonymised and will be non-attributable.

“I would like to thank the staff of NHS Lothian who took part and engaged in this independent exercise.

“I can assure people that the findings of the review will inform the forward plan, which will be developed in Partnership.”

Lyn Turner
Regional Officer Unite and Partnership Lead

Once the report is reviewed by the Cabinet Secretary at the end of this month, it is expected the report will be shared with the NHS Lothian Board and a forward plan developed.

“I would like to thank staff for engaging in this key stage of the review, and reiterate my previous assurances that all responses will remain anonymous.

“I look forward to receiving the final report at the end of the month and presenting it to the Cabinet Secretary.”

Dr Charles Winstanley