Thousands of patients benefit from St John’s short stay centre

ALMOST 6,000 patients from across Lothian have benefitted from the Short Stay Elective Surgical Centre at St John’s Hospital.

The £8.2m centre opened in January this year, and has now treated almost 6,000 patients from across Lothian for day case surgery.

It provides a range of treatments, including tonsillectomies, gall bladder operations, nasal surgery, hand surgery and hernia repairs to patients from across Lothian.

Although most patients are discharged home on the same day as their surgery, an overnight stay facility is available if longer care is required.

Since it opened in January, surgical specialties have gradually moved into the unit, and it is now fully operational.

It is expected to see around 3,000 extra patients each year.

Jackie Sansbury, chief operating officer, NHS Lothian, said:

“It is fantastic to see the Short Stay Elective Surgical Centre providing specialised treatment for so many people across Lothian.

“Creating the new purpose-built facility allowed us to centralise most of our day surgery specialties in one location, and to offer more specialised treatment to patients who are undergoing minor surgical procedures.

“For most patients, there is also the added benefit of being able to recover at home after their treatment, which we know can help speed up recovery.”

As part of the overall project, the endoscopy unit, the flagship decontamination unit and the observation ward were all created to ensure St John’s continues to provide modern, safe, swift and effective healthcare.

Pioneering new treatments have also been introduced at the day surgery centre for colorectal patients.

These day surgical procedures include HALO treatment for the removal of haemorrhoids, and green light laser treatment to remove enlarged prostate tissue.

It means that many patients who would otherwise have required an overnight stay are now able to return home on the same day following surgery.

A pilot project is also running to provide emergency trauma day surgery for patients with hand injuries, to avoid an overnight hospital stay.