Response on HEI unannounced at Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh

Sandra Mair, deputy chief operating officer for University Hospitals Division, NHS Lothian, said:

“We welcome the HEI visits and use the inspection reports to ensure we continue to provide quality care in safe, clean and comfortable environments across NHS Lothian.
“The Healthcare Environment Inspectorate singled out areas of strength in the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, including good communication links between ward staff and the infection control team.
“We recognise there were areas where the inspectors feel we need to improve, and we are already working on a detailed action plan to address these issues.
“In particular, we are working closely with Consort, our private partners, to improve communication between ward, cleaning and infection control staff, for example, by having the same cleaning staff in the same areas to encourage them to become part of the ward team.
“We are also involving charge nurses in the review of cleaning processes in their own area so they feel empowered to ensure adequate cleaning levels are maintained on their wards.”