Traffic changes extended as Royal Victoria Building continues to take shape

TEMPORARY changes to the traffic system at the Western General Hospital have been extended as the Royal Victoria Building continues to takes shape.

As part of ongoing construction work for the new Royal Victoria Building on the Western General site, Porterfield Road has been partially closed.

The £43.6m Royal Victoria Building is being built on the former Paderewski Building in the grounds of the Western General Hospital.

To allow for work on the building to continue to progress, the road closure is to be extended until Wednesday 20 April.

The road closure will be moved from the middle of Porterfield Road to the exit from Porterfield Road onto Crewe Road South.

This will mean that Porterfield Road will be two-way and access to the hospital will revert to the normal Porterfield Road entrance.

Traffic exiting from the multi-storey car park will be redirected back along Porterfield Road. Pedestrian access to the hospital from the multi-storey car park will resume to normal.

Pedestrians from Crewe Road South will be redirected to enter Porterfield Road by the entrance road as there will be no pedestrian access at the exit to Porterfield Road.

Buses which usually stop at the bus stop on the Western General site will stop on the bus stop on Crewe Road South instead.

From Thursday 21 April, access to the hospital will be restored to normal.

These arrangements will be clearly signposted to ensure minimal disruption is caused.

Jackie Sansbury, chief operating officer for University Hospitals Division, NHS Lothian, said:

"The Royal Victoria Building is starting to take shape, and creating the bridge to link the new building with the Western General Hospital is an exciting step forward.
"I would ask that patients, staff and visitors bear with us while this important work takes place. The arrangements will be clearly signposted to ensure minimal disruption is caused."

The new Royal Victoria Building is due to open in 2012, and will provide the highest quality healthcare services in a modern setting and will be the first of its kind to consist of 100 per cent single rooms to promote privacy and dignity.

The building will provide services for patients aged 65 and over, rheumatology and dermatology patients. It will also include in-patient services as well as the medical day hospital.