Celebrate Burn’s Day and Battle Tooth Decay

NHS Lothian is encouraging schools to opt for healthy drinks as part of their Burns celebrations.

Many schools will be recognising Burns, Scotland’s National Poet, and will be sampling some of Scotland’s national delicacies. To help prevent tooth decay NHS Lothian is suggesting avoiding carbonated drinks and opting for some of Scotland’s healthier options such as water or milk.

Colwyn Jones Consultant in Dental Public Health for NHS Lothian and NHS Borders stated: 

 “I’ll be joining in the celebration of Rabbie Burns and his contribution to Scottish culture myself.  However, we are concerned that the promotion of carbonated drinks, even for this special occasion, will undermine the positive health messages we give out about drinks that are kind to teeth. 
“Chilled Scottish spring water from the tap or milk from the national herd are safe for teeth and are also a celebration of healthy choices in Scotland.
“As a dentist my primary concern is the pain, misery, disruption and disfigurement caused by the high level of dental decay we still have in Scotland.