NHS Lothian launches major campaign for minor injuries

NHS Lothian has launched a new campaign to help relieve the pain of minor injuries.

A new advertising campaign is underway to raise awareness of the minor injuries clinic at the Western General Hospital, which is also celebrating its 16th birthday.

Bus and radio adverts will be trailed across Lothian using the ear and eye catching slogans “Ooyah!”, “Owww!” and “Aaaargh” to catch the attention of potential patients.

The campaign has been designed to point more people with minor injuries to the clinic as an alternative to busy Accident and Emergency departments.

Fiona Churchill, lead nurse practitioner, NHS Lothian, said:

 “The minor injuries clinic is a one-stop shop for patients. We perform a crucial role and treat scores of patients for a variety of injuries every day.
“We help to enhance the patients’ journey because they are seen in the right place, at the right time by the right people.
“The minor injuries clinic is open every day and these bus and radio adverts will make sure that many more people know about the expert service we provide.”

The A&E department in the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh is the busiest in Scotland and patients with less serious injuries can often be treated faster by attending the clinic where they can receive assessment, treatment and medicine if required, all in one visit.

The number of patients attending the clinic has doubled since it was launched in 1994 because of its prompt and expert care.

It is estimated that around 50 adults and children now attend the clinic every day – around 20,000 every year – for a range of injuries, especially to their ankle or wrist and for burns, cuts and sprains.

It is a walk-in service at the minor injuries clinic, so no appointment is required for treatment from a range of staff, including nurse, physiotherapy and paramedic practitioners.

Over the years, opening hours have been extended to make the clinic more accessible and in line with patients’ needs, meaning that it is now open every day of the year from 8am to 9pm.