Response to Evening News article on Workforce Reduction


Susan Goldsmith, Director of Finance, NHS Lothian, said:
“We intend to increase productivity through staff training, working to reduce short term sickness absence rates, better use of IT and service redesign.
“These measures, along with natural staff turnover, will result in our planned workforce reduction.
“The figures in our workforce plan are initial projections which were worked out by looking at the proportion of each job type which make up our workforce. They are in no way indicative of any planned staffing reductions and we remain committed to protecting our essential clinical services.




“In determining the level of workforce change over two years we have been able to benchmark our projections alongside other global healthcare systems through our membership of the McKinsey Healthtracker.
“This has given us confidence that any reduction in workforce can be matched by improvements in productivity. In working to these targets it is important to note that our workforce has grown by circa 1,240 WTE staff over the last three years.”