Response to Adam Morris, EEN, on annual accounts

Alan Boyter, Director of Human Resources and Organisational Development, NHS Lothian, said:

“It is important to note that these are draft accounts which have not yet been laid before parliament for final approval.

“The money detailed as ‘benefits in kind’ for executive board members is not a bonus. It is a taxable allowance which can include, for example, relocation costs or an allowance for a car. These costs are all approved by NHS Lothian’s Remuneration Committee.
“Board members and senior managers are remunerated in accordance with approved national pay rates. All posts at this level are subject to rigorous job evaluation arrangements and the pay scales applied reflect the outcomes of these processes.
“The overall spend on directors’ salaries has dropped due to the change in membership of NHS Lothian’s board compared to previous years.
“The rise in number of clinicians paid over £50,000 is a consequence of being on incremental pay scales and therefore they will earn higher salaries year on year.
”We intend to reduce the number of senior managers over the next two years by a minimum of 20 posts. That process has already started with the decision not to replace a Director level post saving over £100k a year.”