Heart Manual DVD Launch

The Heart Manual DVD: Enabling uptake and access in cardiac rehabilitation

NHS Lothian’s award- winning Heart Manual today (October 14) launched its first ever DVD version making it more accessible to minority groups.

The DVD hopes to build on the worldwide success of the Heart Manual book which has provided specialist cardiac rehabilitation (CR) for over two decades, and is currently used by around 20,000 patients across the UK.

The new visual format focuses on specific groups, which research has shown are less likely to attend CR programmes.

Louise Taylor, Head of Department, Heart Manual, Astley Ainslie Hospital explained:

 “Research shows that attendance on CR programmes is lower amongst females, individuals with low economic status, those with physical and learning disabilities and certain ethnic minority groups.
"The DVD version will provide easy to follow audio and visual learning methods and will benefit, in particular, those with literacy problems, learning disabilities and hearing problems."

An increased use of pictures and diagrams, the choice of five different languages (Hindi, Gujerati, Urdu, Sylheti and Punjabi) and the option of British sign language and subtitles are just some of the benefits the Heart Manual DVD will offer.

Dr Carolyn Deighan, Health Psychologist, Heart Manual Department, added:

 “The Heart Manual DVD is a way forward using a different medium which we hope will be welcomed by many patients and their families.
“The team ensured the DVD respected the original book script and because of the programmes origin, felt it was important that the filming took place in the NHS Lothian area involving patients and service providers.”

The DVD accompanied by a relaxation CD and diary booklet, will be available to NHS Boards UK wide similar to the current book format. It is to be used /supported by a trained facilitator in the patient’s home or elsewhere.

Further information is available at: www.theheartmanual.com