Travel clinic takes off at Western General Hospital

A new one-stop travel clinic has been launched in Lothian to help prevent travellers picking up nasty infections while abroad.

The dedicated and expanded service will provide expert advice on immunisations for conditions, such as malaria and typhoid.

It means that holidaymakers planning a trip abroad can have peace of mind during their travels and know they are protected from the easily preventable diseases.

Nicky Armstrong, Travel Clinic Charge Nurse, NHS Lothian said:

 “Holidaymakers can, and often do, fall ill when they are abroad, but there is a lot that can be done to help protect against common illnesses. Immunisation is just one of the measures and will help ensure that a trip abroad is memorable for all the right reasons.
“We have listened to our patients and extended our opening hours to make sure the service is easily accessible to as many people as possible.
“The clinic provides an expert service, which means we will be able to cater for even the most complex travel itinerary or for a patient with complicating health factors.”

The last decade has seen a huge increase in global tourist travel. Britons now make millions of visits a year to countries with an identifiable health risk.

The clinic, based in ward 41 Outpatients Department, Regional Infectious Diseases Unit (RIDU), Western General Hospital, is available to help make those trips safer and protect general health and wellbeing.

It will now open four full days, instead of only two afternoons, and is open until 7pm on Mondays and Wednesdays.

The clinic, which originally opened in 1993, provides a comprehensive range of immunisations and travellers pay for the costs of vaccines and drugs.

Travellers can book an appointment themselves by phoning the clinic on 0131 537 2822 or be referred by their GP.