Belhaven Hospital

Gerry Power, General Manager, East Lothian and Midlothian Community Health Partnerships, NHS Lothian, said: 

“Following the introduction of the General Medical Services (GMS) contract for GPs, medical cover for Ward 2 is only provided between the hours of 8am and 6pm.  Medical cover out with these times is provided from Roodlands Hospital until midnight and thereafter by the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh. There were clearly patient safety issues which we wanted to address as a priority, as well as ensuring that we continued to provide the best possible services for the local community. Hence the need for the review.
“Representatives from a wide range of local community groups, including Dunbar Community Council and Hospital Friends, Public Partnership Forum, Dunbar Carers, GPs, healthcare unions and staff have met over the last few months, to address the issues in relation to Ward 2.
“The review team has considered a number of options and has made a recommendation which still has to be considered by East Lothian Community Health Partnership, other local healthcare groups and finally by the board of NHS Lothian. 
“No decisions have been made or will be made until these have been considered.
“With staff partnership representatives, I met staff at the ward on Friday to discuss the recommendations. Staff were given the opportunity to ask questions at length.  Staff were also reassured that these are still recommendations and if agreed, staff, patients and their families will be fully involved in planning the implementation.”