NHS Lothian hits financial targets

NHS Lothian hit its financial targets for 2008-9, according to a report to be presented to the board of NHS Lothian tomorrow (Wed, 27th May). Susan Goldsmith, director of finance, NHS Lothian will disclose that an underspend of £200,000 will be carried forward into 2009-10. This was against a budget of £1.2bn.

She said:

“NHS Lothian is a responsible guardian of public spending and works hard to make the most of the funding we receive. We have a proud record of always achieving our financial targets and are pleased to have continued to maintain this record, subject to the final formal audit processes.”

Hard work by NHS staff in Lothian delivered substantial savings through more efficient working which has now been reinvested in patient care. NHS Lothian staff generated over £20m in efficiency savings, among the highest such achievements in Scotland. The full paper is available for download from NHS Lothian’s public website, www.nhslothian.scot.nhs.uk