Lothian girls back new cervical cancer vaccine

More than 93% of girls in the target age group have had at least one dose of the new HPV vaccine, which helps prevent cervical cancer.

The vaccines are being delivered by school nursing teams. 

Dr Lorna Willocks, Immunisation Co-ordinator, NHS Lothian, said:


“We are extremely pleased with the uptake of the cervical cancer jab in the Lothians and would like to thank the girls involved, their parents, our school nursing teams and others in NHS Lothian for their contribution to this encouraging result. 


 “This is the first time a vaccine has been developed to beat a cancer and it is vital girls accept our invitation to receive this protection.
“Combined with cervical screening, vaccination offers the best protection available against cervical cancer.
 ”Three doses are required to deliver the best protection.  If you’ve missed one, don’t worry, we’ll make arrangements to help you catch up in June.”
Dr Willocks and colleague Sue Rust attended a photocall this morning (Thurs) at Broughton High School in Edinburgh with chief medical officer for Scotland Dr Harry Burns to publicise the vaccination programme.