Short Stay Centre moves a step closer

The new short stay elective surgery centre at St John's Hospital has moved a step closer.

Detailed plans for the £8.2m centre have been drawn up to show the sheer scale of the development, the spacious discharge lounge, comfortable wards, recovery areas and consultation rooms.

Patients can, for the first, time, take a bird's eye look at the unit which will reduce waiting times and boost operating theatre efficiency.

An extra 3,000 patients will either be prepared for surgery or undergo day case operations in the centre, which will be created in place of wards five, six and seven.

Patrick Armstrong, Consultant Anaesthetist, in St John's Hospital, said:

"It is really important to recognise that it is not just about the building. This will be a state-of-the-art facility fit for a modern health service.
"The whole of Lothian will benefit from the new unit. An extra 3,000 people will be treated every year meaning that waiting lists will be shorter.
"Patients will also be familiar with the system when they arrive for surgery because they will already have been in the unit and met the staff assigned to their case during their pre-operative assessment.
"It is a really exciting time for staff because we can see the positive impact the short stay centre will have on patient care and the improvements it will make to our own working environment."

The plans shows how wards five, six and seven will be merged to create the self-contained U-shaped unit, which will provide operations in any of the specialities housed at St John's.

Patients from all over Lothian will receive a range of treatments, including tonsillectomies, gall bladder operations, nasal surgery, hand surgery and hernia repairs.