LEAP Centenary Celebrations

LEAP (Lothians & Edinburgh Abstinence Programme) is celebrating the graduation of its 100th patient from the innovative community based rehabilitation programme, since its launch in September 2007.

Lesley Fyffe, 37, the 100th patient has successfully completed the three-month programme. Lesley was congratulated and presented with a certificate by Jenifer Stirton, Director of Communications for NHS Lothian at today’s graduation (23 October).

LEAP, the first of its kind in Scotland, is an abstinence programme for people dependent on substances who want to achieve drug and alcohol free recovery.

The majority of graduates sign up for the Transition Vocational Training Programme and attend five days a week typically going on to achieve multiple qualifications as well as work experience. Many are now in further education or university.

Dr David McCartney, Clinical Lead of LEAP, NHS Lothian said:

“The graduation ceremonies are very special days for LEAP, our patients and their families. Today marks the end of Lesley’s treatment process and a key point in her recovery."
“I am especially thrilled as today we see the 100th patient graduate, which is a mile stone for the team here at LEAP."
“We congratulate every one of our 100 graduates for their achievements and share in their celebrations. It’s proof that alcoholics and addicts can and do recover with the right support. We are already looking forward to the next 100.”

Lesley realised that she had a problem with alcohol four years ago. During this time she tried to manage the addiction herself but was not able to stay sober. Lesley joined LEAP in August and has been sober ever since.

Lesley, said:

“When I first realised that I had an alcohol problem I tried to ignore it. I just didn’t understand why I kept going back to alcohol."
“When I heard about LEAP, the idea of recovery sounded like a fairytale. However the programme taught me so much about the illness of addiction and has shown me that people can recover from an addiction."
“I am delighted to be the 100th patient to have completed the LEAP programme. I am thankful to the LEAP team who have done so much for me."
“I am now looking forward to getting back to my life and continuing in my recovery.”

Lesley plans to undertake a computing course with Transition Vocational Training Programme starting in November 2009.

LEAP is a three-month, community-based, intensive day programme with supported accommodation provided by the City of Edinburgh Council. The programme operates seven days a week and provides aftercare support as well as access to self-help groups.

LEAP is funded by NHS Lothian and the Edinburgh Alcohol and Drug Partnership.