New hospital team bolstered by key appointment

Cost consultants Thomson Gray will be helping NHS Lothian drive a hard bargain with construction partners on the new hospital, set to open in late 2012.

The Edinburgh company has been appointed as cost advisers to the NHS team planning the replacement for the current Victorian building. The new Royal Hospital for Sick Children will be located next to the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh at Little France.

This will be the fifth new home for Sick Kids, as it’s fondly known, since it was founded in 1860.

Jackie Sansbury, NHS Lothian’s director of strategic planning, said:

“Our cost advisers know the construction market and will be absolutely vital to ensuring that we get the most we can for our patients and the maximum value from our budget on this development. They’ll be with us every step of the way towards opening the new hospital to make sure we’re getting the best possible deal for the investment we’re making.”

Ron Thomson, Director, Thomson Gray, said:

“We are absolutely delighted to be able to make our contribution towards ensuring the new Royal Hospital for Sick Children is as good it can be.

Our close knowledge of the industry, and its constructors and suppliers will enable us to rigorously test and scrutinise the appointed contractors’ price for the project even as it is being put together.

“Current market conditions and the procurement process are in NHS Lothian’s favour in securing the best price and highest quality for the new hospital and we look forward to playing a major part in its successful delivery. This is one of largest and most high profile public sector developments in Scotland and the UK. Its importance cannot be overstated, and we are very proud to be involved.”

NHS Lothian is currently discussing the contract to complete the final design and build the new hospital with a number of rival bidders. NHS Lothian and the Scottish Government are committing £125m towards the new hospital, which will replace the current Victorian building in Edinburgh’s Sciennes area. A number of charities are also fundraising or making contributions to the new hospital.

The successful bidder will be appointed soon.