NHS Lothian backs New Pyjamas Campaign

Funds raised by the new pyjamas campaign will support areas not already covered by NHS funds, such as parents’ accommodation or medical research not funded by university partners.
The new hospital is expected to open in late 2012. The contribution from NHS Lothian and the Scottish Government will be £125m, with substantial additional contributions expected from charities and other supporters.

The new hospital will be the Royal Hospital for Sick Children’s fifth new home since 1860.

The new pyjamas campaign’s target is £15 million.

Professor James Barbour, Chief Executive of NHS Lothian, said:


“I believe that we now have a once in a life time opportunity to build a children’s hospital which will be a lasting beacon of excellence in the care of children and young people, in Edinburgh, the Lothians and all of Scotland.
“NHS Lothian together with the Scottish Government will be investing £125m in the new hospital and I know this will secure some excellent facilities but the additional support we hope to receive from the new pyjamas campaign will be key in ensuring that it is truly and demonstrably world class.”
John Amabile, television presenter and interior designer, is a campaign ambassador.


John said:
‘I was a sick kid myself, born prematurely and needing emergency surgery to save my life. If it was not for the specialist knowledge of surgeons and nursing staff who work in paediatric medicine, I would not be here today.
‘I’m supporting the new pyjamas campaign because I want every child in Scotland to have access to the very best paediatric treatment and care, which is what the new Sick Kids hospital will provide.’
Elaine McGonigle, director of the new pyjamas campaign, said:
 ‘This is possibly the most demanding and, at the same time, exciting campaign to have been launched in Scotland for many years.
‘A new hospital for the children and young people of Edinburgh, the Lothians and Scotland is an investment in their health and future – something we should all be interested in.”
Professor James Barbour, the chief executive of NHS Lothian, spoke warmly at the campaign’s inaugural event on Saturday, 28th February about the partnership between NHS Lothian and the new campaign.
The new pyjamas campaign has built a social networking site on to the fundraising website, www.newpyjamas.org.
Elaine McGonigle said:
‘Our network and web sites have been designed to inform and attract supporters. Keeping everyone up to date and involved in the campaign at every stage is really important to us - and to them. It also means that we can accept donations easily, direct enquiries efficiently and answer questions effectively.
‘The information and patients’ stories on the sites will hopefully encourage support from the widest possible audience – companies, staff, trusts, foundations and the public. We need everyone to help us achieve this truly worthwhile goal.
She continued:
 ‘We already have some interesting people supporting us, and we are working on bringing in even more. Making this an exciting and fun campaign is one of our main goals.’
The new pyjamas campaign is part of the Sick Kids Friends Foundation, which was created in 1993 to raise money for the existing Royal Hospital for Sick Children.