Response to Executive Release on Waiting Times

Jackie Sansbury, Director of Strategic Planning, NHS Lothian, said:

"Patient care is always our first priority and what is important to us is to deliver the best possible care in the shortest possible time.
"We have already made progress in reducing waiting times and we welcome the opportunity to work with the Cancer Support Team to improve on this. The success of their work with NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde will be extremely useful to us as the size and complexity of their caseload is similar to ours.
"NHS Lothian is, as the Scottish Executive has recognised, 'a leader in good practice' and we have already achieved dramatic reductions in areas such as access to CT scanning through our work with the international healthcare experts GE Healthcare. This work has already delivered tangible benefits and we expect to see further reductions in coming months.
"On the use of ASC codes, NHS Lothian is well advanced with our plans to abolish the use of these codes in Lothian. We have already cut the number of patients with ASC codes from 7124 in June 2006 to 4,824 at the end of March 2007 and we have plans in place to meet the target set for December 2007."