Launch of new Heart Manual to benefit patients

A new edition of NHS Lothian’s heart manual was officially launched by Shona Robison, Minister for Public Health, at Edinburgh College of Art on 26 August 2008.

This fourth edition of the heart manual aims to help encourage people with coronary heart disease to self-manage their heart conditions.

Appropriate patients are given a copy of the manual after their condition is diagnosed, when a specially trained health professional takes them through the relevant aspects of the manual so that they can co- develop a plan. This includes looking at their diet, exercise and risk factors, utilising methods in goal setting and relaxation techniques which will also help manage the stress often associated with health concerns. Patients continue to receive support from a specialist healthcare professional in the community once they leave hospital.

Louise Taylor, Heart Manual Lead, Astley Ainslie Hospital said:


“This 4th edition is extremely comprehensive, providing more information to more patients. We’ve listened to service providers nationwide and responded to their requests for one all encompassing manual. Where previous editions looked at separate heart conditions, this one includes most of the conditions such as heart attacks, angina, and heart failure and their appropriate interventions such as angioplasties and by-pass operations.
“The aim is to enable people to be in control of their recovery, with help from trained healthcare professionals, to enable them to achieve, where possible, a healthier lifestyle.”


Dr Charles Winstanley, Chair, NHS Lothian said:
“This is another excellent manual which builds on previous editions. Our first manual has led the way, becoming the UK’s leading home based cardiac rehabilitation programme. It has also been adopted by many countries across the world including, Ireland, Holland, Canada and the Cayman Islands. I anticipate this fourth edition will be well received.”
 “The Scottish Government is already taking action to cut levels of obesity, smoking and alcohol misuse, which all contribute to coronary heart disease (CHD) prevalence.
“Last month, we launched a consultation on how we can further improve CHD and stroke services and make them more responsive to patient needs and wishes. We plan to publish our revised strategy on tackling these illnesses before the end of this year.
“This updated fourth edition of the Heart Manual is a fantastic example of the kind of information we want to see widely available to people with heart conditions.”
Ken Ruickbie, heart manual patient from East Lothian said:
 “After I had a heart attack, I found the heart manual to be invaluable as I prepared to leave the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh. My heart manual specialist spent considerable time discussing how I could get best use of the manual. She was able to demonstrate how it could help my recovery, not just the obvious physical issues but also how to address the mental obstacles. I still use the manual as a reference point if I have any low moments but also to provide me with ammunition to question the lifestyle of my friends and family - prevention is better than cure!”
The new editions will have fewer words and more pictures, making it suitable for more patients.
An accompanying CD with animated graphics also provides information on each particular heart condition, allowing the patient to find out more about what has happened to them.
The production of the 4th edition of the Heart Manual has been supported by the British Heart Foundation.
The Heart Manual Programme is part of a range of rehabilitationservices offered at Astley Ainslie Hospital.