NHS Lothian underlines commitment to patient safety

IMPROVING patient safety is at the heart of a planned new strategy for developing healthcare services in Lothian.

The board of NHS Lothian will be asked to agree to the new Quality Improvement Strategy 2008-2011 at its meeting on Wednesday, September 24th.

The board has already supported the Scottish Patient Safety Programme, with work currently ongoing across NHS Lothian focussing on safety improvements.

The new NHS Lothian Quality Improvement Strategy builds on the Scottish Patient Safety Programme.

Dr Charles Swainson, Medical Director, NHS Lothian, said

”We want to make a safe system even safer to ensure high quality care for patients. This strategy sets out, in detail, the steps we need to take to achieve our ambition. This work will help us move towards our aspiration of being ranked among the world’s top 25 healthcare systems.”
The full paper can be downloaded from NHS Lothian’s website.