Response to Audit Scotland on Palliative Care

Jackie Sansbury, Director of Strategic Planning, NHS Lothian, said: 

NHS Lothian has a well-developed set of palliative care services, as the Audit Scotland report recognises, and we are already meeting many of their recommendations We were among the first areas in Scotland to have a Managed Clinical Network for palliative care. Our hospice colleagues are part of this network, which provides support for patients and their families as they move into the last phase in their lives.

 This support is provided mostly through GPs, practice nurses, voluntary organisations and other partners supported by NHS Lothian's hospital-based palliative care specialists.

 The Audit Scotland report also praises the work done by NHS Lothian and hospice colleagues in its Palliative Care Education Project, a collaboration between our primary care colleagues and hospices allowing GPs and district nurses to shadow experts in palliative care as support is provided in the last days of patients' lives. We're grateful to Macmillan Cancer Support for their backing in this project, which is successfully updating and extending the professional knowledge of our staff.