NHS Lothian signs Carbon Trust agreement

NHS Lothian has signed a partnership agreement with the Carbon Trust pledging to support carbon emission reduction.

The agreement, which has been signed by Professor James Barbour, Chief Executive of NHS Lothian, and John Stocks, Manager for the Carbon Trust in Scotland commits NHS Lothian to the Carbon Management programme, that is designed to deliver improved energy management in an organisation in order to reduce carbon emissions.

It also provides practical support by helping to identify carbon saving opportunities, providing tools to analyse energy consumption and delivering workshop support for staff and senior managers to enable them to effectively use carbon management in their day-to-day business.

The programme is tailored to the specific needs of NHS Lothian, which includes a web-based manual that gives detailed guidance on the programme's process, technical advice and examples of best practice.

NHS Lothian will receive support from the Carbon Trust in analysing their carbon footprint before setting ambitious carbon reduction targets and implementation strategy over the programme duration.

The Carbon Management Programme is expected to commence in May 2008 and will run for 10 months.

As part of the programme, NHS Lothian will work towards achieving a number of Sustainable Development Pledges - to reduce total greenhouse gas emissions generated by the organisation, to raise awareness of climate change issues, and to assist adaptation to the impacts of climate change across Lothian.

The programme will focus on energy efficiency, travel arrangements, good housekeeping and on the increased use of renewable energy technology.

Staff will be encouraged to be more energy efficient and to consider how their own actions contribute to greenhouse gas emissions.

A Sustainable Development Management Group has been set up to manage NHS Lothian's actions to address climate change.

The Group is the first of its kind to be formed in an NHS Scotland organisation.

A £700,000 grant from the Central Energy Efficiency Fund has already been invested over the last two years in projects to improve energy efficiency across NHS Lothian.

These projects include the installation of high efficiency boilers, automatic heating and ventilation controls, and automatic or high efficiency lighting.


Professor James Barbour, Chief Executive of NHS Lothian, said:
"We are delighted to be working closely with the Carbon Trust in order to reduce our carbon footprint over the coming years.
"We take very seriously the impact that our organisation's activities have on carbon emissions, and on the environment as a whole, and we are working in partnership with the Carbon Trust in order to become more energy efficient."
John Jack, Director of Facilities, NHS Lothian, and chair of the Sustainable Development Management Group, said:
"The main barrier to carbon reduction in our organisation is that we are an essential service, operating round the clock. We have strict standards to meet on heating, ventilation and cooling.
"One of our aims is to ensure that the provision of essential services is carried out in the most efficient way, taking account of cost and carbon footprint.
"The programme will help NHS Lothian to meet Government targets of 80 per cent reduction in carbon emissions by 2050."
John Stocks, Manager, Carbon Trust Scotland, said:
"The key to the success of this programme lies in the engagement of hearts and minds at all levels and across departments so that carbon emission reduction policies and strategies are embedded into the public sector
"Our Carbon Management programme is designed to equip organisations with the tools they need to deliver this engagement, save money on energy and make a positive contribution to the environment by lowering their carbon emissions."