Clostridium Difficile

Dr Dermot Gorman, Consultant, Public Health, NHS Lothian, said:

"NHS Lothian has made major improvements since 2006 and we know, from our own monitoring, that the situation is very different today.
"The latest report from the government's experts on this, Health Protection Scotland, shows that the rate of c diff cases in Lothian is lower than the Scottish average and has dropped from 2007.
"Tackling healthcare-associated infection is a key corporate priority for NHS Lothian and we report publicly both on cases and our work to prevent them on a regular basis.
"This will be discussed again in public at next week's board meeting, being held on the 23rd of July.
"Our hospitals are consistently given top marks for cleanliness against national standards while our checks show staff are generally following hand hygiene rules. We are also adjusting the medicines some patients receive to make them less susceptible to this infection."