NHS Lothian launches new cancer screening programme

Men and women in this age group will be sent a testing kit from 1st May and asked to help protect their own health by taking part in a new screening programme.

Bowel cancer is the third most common cancer in Scotland. Every year 3,500 people are diagnosed with the disease and 1,600 people die from it. Men are at higher risk than women.

Dr Dermot Gorman, who is leading the new screening programme for Lothian, said:

"We know the chances of successfully treating bowel cancer are much higher when the disease is detected at an early stage. I would urge everyone receiving the testing kit to take part in the scheme. The test is easy to do and this screening programme will save lives."

The Lothian programme is part of a national scheme being introduced across Scotland. Previous pilots in NHS Tayside and NHS Grampian have already proved that this screening programme will save lives.