Flu jab target exceeded in Lothian

NHS Lothian has already exceeded a Scottish Government target on vaccinating people over the age of 65 against flu.

More than 74% of people in the category have accepted NHS Lothian’s offer of free protection against the potentially fatal disease, ahead of the 70% target, according to the latest available figures from GP practices. The figures show the level of uptake as at the week ending the 5th of December, 2008. Flu vaccinations are still available for people over 65, and other people in “risk groups”, through your GP.

NHS Lothian is urging people in these groups to accept the protection by making arrangements to get the jab before Christmas.

Dr Lorna Willocks, Immunisation Co-ordinator, NHS Lothian, said:

“NHS Lothian was the first board in Scotland to achieve the 70% target for people over the age of 65 this year and we’re now standing at 74.5%, with flu vaccinations still available.
“I would urge all people eligible for vaccination to come forward and accept the free protection it offers against what can be a very nasty disease. We’re expecting the numbers of flu cases to increase in coming weeks and it’s vital that people realise there is still time to get protected and come forward as soon as possible before Christmas.” “At this time of year, many GP practices are making arrangements to contact people for mop-up clinics. Please accept their invitations or contact them if you are in one of the risk groups and have not yet been invited to receive a free vaccination.”