West Lothian Outperforms on MMR Immunisations

West Lothian Community Health and Care Partnership (CHCP) achieved the highest uptake of MMR immunisation (Measles Mumps and Rubella) in Scotland to outperform the Scottish average of 91.7 per cent.

The uptake of immunisation in West Lothian has reached 94.7 per cent of eligible children, aged between twelve and twenty-four months.

GPs and health workers in West Lothian Community Health and Care Partnership have succeeded in becoming the top Scottish Community Health Partnerships (CHPs).

Lynda Cowie, Acting Head of Health Services, West Lothian CHCP, said:

“We are delighted to see that parents in West Lothian are committed to protecting their children against what can be devastating diseases with severe health impacts.
“These figures reflect the hard work by West Lothian staff to deliver such high rates of MMR immunisation uptake and mark a great and sustained success in the protection of local children and families.”
West Lothian is continuing to exceed the Scottish Government average of 96.8% per cent on immunisation against other diseases such as polio and diphtheria aged up to 24 months.