St John’s Hospital retains environmental award

The acute hospital at Howden, West Lothian, has been re-accredited with ISO 14001 - an international award given to organisations which demonstrate high environmental standards.
In 2005, St John’s Hospital received the accreditation for the first time, and the event was marked by the planting of a tree by Green MSP Robin Harper.
The hospital has continued working to control its impact on the environment to retain the coveted certificate, reducing harmful emissions and waste and increasing recycling.
A £700,000 grant from the Central Energy Efficiency Fund has also been invested over the last two years in projects to improve energy efficiency across NHS Lothian.
These projects include the installation of high efficiency boilers, automatic heating and ventilation controls, and automatic or high efficiency lighting.
Professor James Barbour, Chief Executive of NHS Lothian, recently signed a partnership agreement with the Carbon Trust, committing to the reduction of carbon emissions.
John Jack, Director of Facilities, NHS Lothian, said:
"This is a great success for St. John's Hospital and I am delighted that our commitment to environmental issues has been recognised once more.
“One of our aims is to ensure that the provision of essential services is carried out in the most efficient way, taking account of cost and carbon footprint.
“We encourage our staff to be environmentally conscious and we would not have achieved this significant standard without the commitment of our staff.”