When Cupid strikes, stay safe

Steve O’Donnell, from Gay Men’s Health, a leading figure in the award-winning campaign, said:

“Valentine’s Day is a bit of fun and this year you may be hoping Cupid’s arrow is heading in your direction or you may be looking forward to spending some special time with your partner. Whatever you find yourself doing this Valentine’s Day, remember that love and romance don’t protect you from HIV – condoms do. Download HIV Condom Protection poster
”The HIV Comeback Tour was launched to counter rising HIV infection rates among gay and bisexual men in Lothian. Its distinctive posters are displayed in venues across Lothian countering complacency by highlighting the continuing risks associated with unsafe sex. To coincide with Valentine’s Day, volunteers from Gay Men’s Health in Edinburgh will be providing information on the key messages of the Campaign in several of the city’s gay venues. The HIV Comeback Tour stresses the dangers of making assumptions about our own or our sexual partners’ HIV status and the importance of condom use and HIV testing.

It won the Gold Award at the recent prestigious CiB Scotland Awards ceremony for its effectiveness in warning of the continuing dangers of HIV infection.