New future for services provided from the Royal Edinburgh Hospital campus

The review will consider how services should best be designed to meet patient needs, now and in the future.

Service users, their families, carers and voluntary organisations will all have a say in the process and are represented on the body conducting the review, the Royal Edinburgh Hospital Campus Review Project Board.

Tim Montgomery, Director of Operations for the Royal Edinburgh and Associated Services, NHS Lothian, said:

“This review is a great opportunity to take a long, hard look at what we are currently doing, in the light of new thinking on mental health services, and design services which are better for patients and their families.

He continued:

“The review isn’t just about taking the services provided at the REH and reproviding them in new buildings. It’s about an opportunity to examine our current practice and work out if there are ways things can be done differently to the benefit of patients. The Royal Edinburgh Hospital has a long history of being at the forefront of new thinking in care for people with mental health issues and 2008 promises to be an important year in ensuring we continue to live up to that history by examining new possibilities for our services.
”The Project Board has established a number of sub-groups, with service users, doctors and nurses, local authorities and voluntary organisations represented on each sub-group.


The sub-groups are tasked with producing options for each service, which will then be assessed through a transparent appraisal process.

The sub-groups include:

  • Adult Mental Health
  • Older People
  • Children and young people – mental health and well-being strategy

The review of services follows a new Mental Health and Well Being Strategy, agreed by NHS Lothian in 2005 and is part of NHS Lothian’s wider service development process, Improving Care Investing in Change.

More information on the Review Project Board is available through NHS Lothian’s website,, or please contact Linda Irvine, Strategic Programme Manager, Mental Health and Well Being at NHS Lothian by email at or by telephone on 0131 536 9095.