NHS Lothian outlines plans for delivering community nursing improvements

NHS Lothian has outlined its planned approach for delivering community nursing improvements. An interim appraisal by NHS Lothian has agreed that future work will concentrate on a team approach in supporting patients, children and families, which has been successfully developed over the past year.

It has also concluded that for Lothian, rather then develop the Community Health Nurse role we will continue to build on the progress already made.

The assessment was led by NHS Lothian Nurse Director Heather Tierney-Moore and the staff partnership forum.

Heather Tierney-Moore, Nurse Director, said:

“We will continue to explore with our staff how we might improve the model of care we offer in community nursing, as there is widespread agreement that our current model will not be sustainable in future as people receive more care close to where they live. Demand for community nursing services is increasing and the numbers of nurses available in future is projected to decrease.
“Our staff are committed to delivering high quality care and they welcome the opportunity to influence and shape a different way for community nursing services to be delivered. We will build on work that is already underway looking at greater flexibility within the workforce and development of services and roles across traditional boundaries. We look forward to continuing to participate in shaping the model for the future. We understand the need to learn lessons from practice and are happy to continue to be involved in the national project”.
NHS Lothian will now be building on a number of approaches to successful service change with staff groups. These include:

  • supporting the continued shift towards “cluster” working, where staff work within one GP practice but support others as well
  • recognising the opportunity to change how we develop teams so that they meet the particular health needs of the GP practice area

NHS Lothian will use these methods to meet the objectives set out by the Scottish Executive when it launched its review of the community nursing model in 2006.