NHS Lothian staff can save £1,000 with car share scheme

NHS Lothian has signed up to a car share scheme to combat global warming and help staff save money.

The easy-to-use web-based system matches people travelling back and forth to work at similar times and locations.

With 28,000 staff and around 300 sites it is hoped that Liftshare will help take cars off the road, reduce air pollution and cut greenhouse gas emissions.

Iain Sneddon, NHS Lothian transport and travel manager, said:


“With rising fuel prices, increased congestion and pressure on parking spaces we want to help staff save money and reduce the number of cars on the road.
“Car sharing can also take a lot of the hassle out of journeys, which must be a good thing.
“In the past it has often been tricky to find people who are travelling to the same places and at the same times to team up with.
“Hopefully this new and straightforward web-based system will make it a lot easier, and allow many more people to share cars and cut their travel costs.”
NHS Lothian has a commitment in its Green Travel Plan to try to reduce single occupancy car journeys.
The system is being set up by Tripshare, which has 10 years’ experience in care share schemes.
Registration is free and users are estimated to make average savings of £1,000 a year.
NHS Lothian will launch the scheme on 9 June to coincide with National Car Sharing Day.
SEStran, which runs the car sharing scheme across the region, welcomed the news.
SEStran chair, councillor Russell Imrie said: “This is a very exciting development.


“NHS Lothian is one of the region’s biggest employers. A car sharing scheme on this scale could make a major contribution towards cutting traffic congestion and reducing South East Scotland’s carbon footprint.” “Over 4,000 people have already discovered the benefits of car sharing through signing up with TripshareSEStran.com.


“They are saving money, saving wear and tear on their cars – and wear and tear on themselves, by reducing the stress of commuting.
“South East Scotland is facing a 10% rise in population over the next 15 years. That’s a lot more people and a lot more cars on the roads.
“Car sharing schemes like this one can play an important part in protecting our environment and keeping the region moving.”