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An innovative website designed by NHS Lothian staff for patients who suffer from kidney disease has become so popular it now receives more than a million 'hits' a year.

Brainchild of the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh's renal unit, offers kidney patients information and a greater understanding of their condition. The site has since expanded and is now recognised as a valuable teaching tool for patients, staff and students.

The site was written and put together by members of medical, dietetic and social work staff on the renal unit after they became increasingly aware that patients needed more information on their illness.

Neil Turner, Professor of Nephrology, Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, said:

"By providing patients with access to the information they need on-line, we are moving forward to a future where patients can access vital medical information at the touch of a button.
The fact it is accessible to patients and health workers all over the world has contributed to the success of the site and everyone in the unit is delighted with it's progress."

Professor Neil Turner is also involved in another pioneering UK patient information website:

This provides online information to renal patients about their diagnosis and treatment, allowing them to access individual pieces of information including their latest test results just the day after they are done.

Officially launched two years ago in 2005 and piloted in four centres, Edinburgh Renal Unit was among the first centres to introduce the service for it's patients and now nearly 500 renal patients from Lothian and the Borders use the site.

Any kind of patient can enrol and the website can be accessed from anywhere in the world with Internet access.