Media Enquiries

NHS Lothian operates a 24/7 service to respond to media enquiries. For enquiries by journalists during normal office hours (9.00am – 5.00pm) please either telephone 0131 465 5644 or email

For emergency media enquiries outside normal office hours, please telephone 07770 396958.

How our communications team can help the media

We endeavour to respond to media enquiries as quickly, and fully, as possible. In order to meet deadlines it is helpful if members of the media can contact us as soon as possible. This is because we may have to contact a number of people in order to gather information, and they are not automatically available, for example because they are busy with patients.

We will often ask for questions to be sent to us in an email. This is valuable in ensuring that every aspect of an enquiry is addressed. For your confidence, and convenience, our team will normally provide a written response that includes a quote from a senior figure within NHS Lothian.

Call us for

  • Quotes, responses and interviews for news stories
  • Interviews and case studies for features
  • Condition checks on patients
  • TV, radio or press interview requests for patients or staff
  • Written features for publications

Filming requests

Please complete and return form below:
Filming application request form

Condition checks

NHS Lothian is bound by law to only release patient information when they, or their representatives, give explicit consent. We can also only provide information about patients when we are provided with a full name, age and address.

Freedom of Information

Some media enquiries can demand substantial amounts of specialist research by staff in other parts of NHS Lothian, taking a considerable amount of time and needing to be fitted in among their normal duties. If this is the case we will sometimes advise a journalist to make a Freedom of Information request. This can be the best way to ensure full and detailed information.​​​

Last Reviewed: 30/01/2017