Edinburgh CastleThe Conference will be arranged by NHS Lothian and the accommodation is at the Roxburghe Hotel, 38 Charlotte Square, Edinburgh EH2 4HQ.

The hotel will host all participants, and has been appointed for the Conference because of its special atmosphere and proximity to the heart of the city.

Our goal is to create a calm and secluded forum for the cultivation of international contacts and relationships through strengthening networking across borders. The focus is on the development of a Global network around a scientific and evidence-based practice in this field and to make an inventory of the unique and varied skills of physiotherapists in mental health. All participants are therefore encouraged to stay at the Roxburghe Hotel during the conference.

The Roxburghe Hotel

The Roxburghe Hotel is situated in Charlotte Square, close to Princes Street and the Castle.

The Roxburghe Hotel

Last Reviewed: 23/10/2012