The 1st International Conference of Physiotherapy in Psychiatry and Mental Health, http://ic-ppmh.org/ , was arranged in Leuven/ Kortenberg, Belgium, 15 -17 February 2006. It was organised in the spirit of collaboration to obtain an exchange between physiotherapists in the field of psychiatry and mental health, such as clinicians, educators and researchers. The focus was on dialogue, contact and interaction. http://www.fisioterapiasm.es/leuven.pdf

The 2nd Conference was arranged by Bergen University College, Norway. The focus of the 2nd Conference was bridging awareness and competence within physiotherapy in psychiatry and mental health through networking, dialogue and interaction. http://www.hib.no/aktuelt/konferanse/dokumenter/ppmh/Programme220208.pdf

The 3rd conference was arranged by Lund University, Sweden and the theme was “Professional Development – Integrating theory and practice”. The conference was focused on how to integrate physiotherapy in mental health into the educational curriculum on different academic levels and how to further develop global networks. http://www.fundacionalzheimur.org/files/ReminderICPPMHJune2009.pdf

The 4th Conference, arranged by NHS Lothian is directed at physiotherapists all over the world, from all continents, working in the field of psychiatry and mental health, with interest in promoting mental health through human movement, the core of physiotherapy. The aim is to promote a professional culture and to highlight the contribution of physiotherapy in mental health. It is therefore important to empower the “voice” of the mental health physiotherapist within the profession itself as well as in relationship to other health professionals.

Each of the previous conferences have seen an increasing number of participants from 110 in Leuven, 2006, 120 in Bergen, 2008 and 139 in Lund, 2010. We hope this trend will continue into 2012!

The main theme of the Conference of 2012 is:

Promoting Quality of Movement – the contribution of physiotherapy to mental health and wellbeing

The IC- PPMH board

At the Conference in Edinburgh, 2012, there will be a board meeting as part of the programme. The board was established in Bergen in 2008, consisting of 5 executive members. These are elected to be responsible for coordinating the collaboration of follow-up conferences within the field and to undertake negotiations with WCPT to further the recognition of mental health physiotherapy. The board members are:

President: Michel Probst, Belgium, Vice president: Liv Helvik Skjerven, Norway, Secretary: Natalie Mulders, Netherlands, Conference: Amanda Gyllensten, Sweden and Anne Parker, UK –IC-PPMH Web: Hans Stryger, Denma

Last Reviewed: 23/10/2012