Award Categories

Are you a patient?

The Health Hero Award

The 'Health Hero' award allows the people of Lothian to recognise a healthcare worker who has gone above and beyond in their day-to-day role, and who has put their heart and soul into their work to provide exceptional patient care.

The award is open to all healthcare workers in NHS Lothian and the public are invited to nominate anyone who has made a real difference to them or a loved-one, or who they feel deserves recognition for going that extra mile.

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NHS Lothian staff member?

The following awards are open to NHS Lothian staff to nominate a colleague(s) who goes above and beyond to provide high-quality care.

Team of the Year

This category celebrates excellent performance across
a team as a whole. Please provide evidence that:
  • Key targets have been addressed
  • Management or clinical information has been used to support the work of the team
  • High-quality service is delivered
  • Good engagement between managers and staff exists
  • Improved outcomes for patients and service users are delivered
  • Patient and stakeholder involvement, influencing performance is delivered
  • Multi-disciplinary and partnership is practiced.

Staff Member of the Year

This category honours the individual who really goes above and beyond in their day-to-day work but who perhaps does not have a high profile within their team/department/service. This individual will demonstrate  some/all of the behaviours listed below:
  • Routinely demonstrates a “can do” attitude
  • Committed to person-centred care
  • Constant and effective contribution to the daily running of the team/ward/office
  • Positive effect on staff, patients or individuals, over and above what is expected for their role.

Improving Patient Access

This category marks excellence in the non-clinical aspects of the patient’s journey. This winning entry will demonstrate some/all of the criteria below:
  • Improved patient access to diagnosis, treatment and care services
  • Offering choice at the point of referral
  • Enhancing the patient experience of the administration process
  • Improvement in clinical access/outcomes.

Voluntary Service Award

This award recognises an outstanding and committed individual or team who gives their time to help improve the health and wellbeing of patients, service users and their families and carers in NHS Lothian either through service or raising funds. The nominee may be an individual, volunteer or a member of a  Family and Patient Council, Managed Clinical Network, or a patient representative on a group or committee. All nominations for individuals or a team of individuals will be considered under this category only. Individuals or teams in this category will be described as:
  • Committed to their role
  • Always trying to be positive and helpful
  • Have a focus on people, their experiences and ways to help them
  • Always tries to make a difference to patients and/or staff of NHS Lothian
  • Valued and admired by others.

Best Example of Quality, Innovation and Productivity

This award recognises staff or teams who have shown a commitment to embracing the organisation's focus on quality in order to deliver service improvement(s) in their area which aim to provide 'high-quality, safe and person-centred care at the most affordable cost'. The nomination should include:
  • How the staff member or team improved quality
  • How the changes came about or the rationale behind the changes
  • What benefits have been noted for patients and in the workplace
  • Measurable evidence of the improvements seen.

Respect for Others Award

This award is looking for a staff member or team, which actively tries to identify with groups of patients or staff who are perhaps difficult to reach or hard to identify. They should strive to work with these groups to encourage inclusion and  equality, be it in healthcare or the working environment. The nomination should include examples of one or more of the following:
  • How the individual or team has gone out of their way to reach a disadvantaged group of people (patients, staff or members of the public)
  • Improved awareness of patient privacy
  • Promoting dignity, respect, self-esteem, social inclusion and autonomy with patients or staff for any age, race, etc.

Caring Champion of the Year

The Caring Champion of the Year category is open to all staff. We wish to identify a member of staff who has a passion for caring. They should be, above all things, caring and compassionate, not only to patients and visitors, but to their colleagues and friends. The nominated individual should:
  • Show an exceptional level of care and compassion in his or her work
  • Be committed to creating a welcoming and happy environment for staff and patients
  • Display a selfless way of working, putting others’ needs before their own
  • Examples of the above should be included in the nomination.

Educator of the Year Award

This award is to identify a member of staff who excels at teaching, sharing their knowledge and expertise with students, junior members of staff and/or colleagues. The nominated individual should:
  • Be and excellent and inspiring teacher
  • Impart their knowledge and values effectively
  • Be open and honest, giving staff and/or students beneficial and constructive feedback
  • Act as a positive role model, encompassing the core values of NHS Lothian
  • Nominees are encouraged to give examples of how the individual excels in their teaching and educational role.


Lynn Jackson Nurse of the Year Award

Introduced in 2016, this award is in memory of our colleague, Lynn Jackson, Chief Nurse for Edinburgh Cancer Centre, who sadly passed away following a year-long fight with breast cancer.

Lynn's nursing career spanned over 30 years working across a number of sites. Although, primarily a nurse she held a number of posts including chair of the staff lottery and staff-side representative for the Royal College of Nursing.

Lynn's passion was people, be it patients or staff and this award aims to recognise outstanding registered and non-registered nurses with a dedication to their profession and providing exceptional patient-care.

The nominated nurse should demonstrate some/all of the following behaviours:
  • Show an exceptional level of care and compassion in his/her work
  • Displays a selfless way of working, putting others' needs before their own
  • Contributes immeasurably to the daily running of the ward
  • Has a positive effect on staff, patients or individuals, over and above what is expected of their job role. 

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