Suzie Kerr Name: Suzie Kerr
Age: 21
Location: Gilmerton, South East Edinburgh
Interests: Singing, shopping, scouting and spending time with my wee girl

June 2011 – Over the last month I have made a bigger effort to walk more. Rather than take the car to toddlers I have taken my daughter in her buggy instead. We have been swimming more as a family and, as well as feeling better, we have had great fun too. My friends and family have been excited to hear about the campaign and I hope I can influence them to take some small steps to improve their own health and wellbeing too.

May 2011 – This is a great campaign to be involved in and I hope other women try to make some small steps too. It’s not hard to do and, as the slogan says, can make a Big Difference. I’m currently studying to be a primary teacher and I understand just how important it is to educate people on these types of things. It’s something which is so easy to do but can have a big impact in the long run.

Last Reviewed: 20/06/2011