Reasons and Motivations

Some reasons that people stay physically active:

  • A desire to feel fitter and healthier
  • To manage or prevent ill health
  • To meet new people or spend more time with family or friends
  • To increase their energy and mood
  • Because it's fun and something they enjoy and are passionate about
  • To reduce and manage stress
  • To lose and/or maintain weight

Ways to stay motivated:

  • Change isn't always easy - find something you like to do
  • Reclaim your childhood! Play isn't just for kids
  • Share your activity with friends and family
  • If you rarely exercise, start slow and build up to your 30 minutes
  • Once you've done this, increase the amount of times you do it in a week
  • Start to record how you feel as you do get fitter. Keep this around for the times when it's hard to get motivated.

Last Reviewed: 17/06/2011