Sexting - Would You Get Naked Online?

​Leanne Rockingham, Network Officer for Healthy Respect, NHS Lothian speaks to us about the sexting campaign.
Scottish radio star Mark Martin today (Monday 18 Nov) helped to launch a new anti-bullying campaign targeting cyber bullies and sexters. The campaign, which coincides with national anti-bullying week (18-22 Nov), will see schools and young people’s services throughout West Lothian receive helpful information including top tips on the subject and posters with empowering messages for young people.
The Healthy Respect website ( has been updated to signpost young people to on-line resources which could help them manage cyber bullying and sexting requests.
It also has an address book full of young people friendly services available across Lothian, where they can access one-to-one help.
The Healthy Respect campaign has a focus on sexting, staying safe on-line linked to sexual health and respectful relationships free from coercion and pressure.
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