NHS Lothian Self-Directed Support Conference

Healthcare professionals from across Scotland were joined by the Minister for Public Health, Michael Matheson, for the NHS Lothian Self-Directed Support Conference in Edinburgh on Tuesday 18 September 2012.

NHS, local authority and third sector employees will gather to discuss ‘What Self-Directed Support will mean for healthcare?’.

The conference marks three years since the start of a pilot – hosted in Lothian and later expanded to NHS Fife – to explore the implications of Self-Directed Support for health boards and their patients.

Professor Alex McMahon, Director of Strategic Planning and Primary Care, NHS Lothian, said: “The NHS Lothian pilot has given people living with long term conditions and the staff who support them the opportunity to work together to make decisions about how health outcomes are met through more creative interventions to support the patient to live independently for longer.

"Self-Directed Support in healthcare enables individuals to purchase and manage for themselves some or all of the care they have been assessed as needing. For instance, someone who currently attends a day service could instead be given a budget to manage and build their own care package to include an art class within a local college instead.”

Interview with Allie Cherry, Programme Manager, Self-Directed Support Test Site, NHS Lothian

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