Family Nurse Partnership celebrates first graduation ceremony

Sing-along songs and children’s games will be the order of the day at the first graduation ceremony of the Family Nurse Partnership programme (Wednesday 26 September).

Around 40 families and Family Nurse Partnership staff will be joined by Alex Neil, Cabinet Secretary for Health and Wellbeing at a special ceremony to mark the first graduates through the programme.

The children and their families will sing songs and take part in games before being presented with gold medals and graduation certificates.

The innovative service, which launched as a pilot in Lothian in 2010, has seen more than 148 families and has since been rolled out across Scotland.

The Family Nurse Partnership programme offers an early intervention service starting in early pregnancy and designed to support first-time teenage mothers over the first two years after birth.

Val Alexander, Family Nurse Partnership Supervisor, NHS Lothian, said:  “We have seen so many positive stories over the first two years of the Family Nurse Partnership and it’s great to see so many families graduating through the service today.

“The programme relies on the development of a strong therapeutic relationship between our nurse and the client. Visits are structured, and cover personal health, environmental health, life course development, maternal role, family and friends and health and human resource services.”

Melanie Hornett, Director of Nursing, NHS Lothian, said:  “I am delighted to see the first clients graduating through the programme. The service is all about helping to build on the strengths of young mums and dads encouraging them to focus on their own wellbeing and that of their child."

Interview with Val Alexander.

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