Living Donor Transplant Co-ordinator Ms Kath Brown

Kath Brown is one of the Living Donor Transplant Co-ordinators at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh. She previously worked in Glasgow in the same role, and shares her many years of experience.
Why did you choose transplant as a speciality? 
It wasn’t so much of a choice as a natural progression from experiences in neurosciences and close links with transplant co-ordinators involved in organ donation.
Describe your role  
My role involves providing information in a sensitive and caring manner at times of difficult family circumstances. My role also involves having a structured and organised approach to investigations, having the knowledge and experience to deliver difficult information.
What have been the most significant advances in transplantation in    your view? 
The changes in the law in 2006 allowed altruistic and paired exchange transplants which over the years have expanded to include long chains and opened up the possibility of doing 4 live donor operations in one day
What are the biggest challenges in your job?
Dealing with more complex scenarios such as liaising with 4 other transplant centres to organise operations on the same day in the kidney sharing scheme.
Making the assessment process more efficient to take into account the needs of donors.
What is the most rewarding part of your role?  
When it all comes together and working within the team!
What advice would you give anyone considering donating a kidney?  
Listen to all the information and advice you are given. Think carefully and don’t underestimate the impact of live donor kidney transplantation

Last Reviewed: 11/01/2016